Bible Study Series

Purpose of these Studies

The study series and links on this page are provided with the hope of providing valuable tools for each and every disciple of Jesus, so that, in the spirit of Ephesians 4:12 we can "equip the saints," bringing confidence as we strive to seek and save the lost world around us.

These series and links are approaches to helping others find the joys of a real and lasting relationship with God that have been produced by some of our sister churches. They are designed to include the basic Biblical doctrines that will be helpful in such a conversion process, while appealing to the common American experiences and backgrounds.


Creating an evangelistic study series is no simple task. How does one decide which topics and scriptures to include and which to exclude? Should the series be comprised of only the Biblical "essentials" of salvation? What are those essentials? And what role does the religious and personal background of the prospective convert play in these questions? Can there be a study series that would fit any person from any background? One might ask, "What is the value of creating such a series in the first place?" These are just some of the questions that must be considered before any attempt to create such a series is made. It is our opinion that an evangelistic study series can be extremely helpful in leading the lost to Jesus. It is helpful in training, equipping, and directing disciples to bring their friends to Christ. At the same time, it can be harmful. While the gospel is for all, a specific approach taken in a study series may not be. Every disciple must constantly search the scriptures, consider the needs of the friends they are instructing, and pray for wisdom so they can effectively lead those friends to a relationship with God.

While the Word itself cannot be compromised or changed, these study series may need to be in order to help someone become a true Christian. They may need to be augmented with other studies to help some, or to be streamlined into fewer studies to help others.

Series from our Family of Churches